Monday, March 12, 2007

Motherlode of Philosophy Journal Tables of Content, News, Blogs and Resources

So it turns out, that things on the internet go obsolete quite quickly, particularly when you learn more and more about how to do stuff. So I've now introduced an even better way of keeping up with what's going on in bioethics, ethics, political philosophy and general philosophy journals than I introduced here, or via the tabbed links at the top of the page. This is using the drop down box on the left called the Motherlode. Alternatively you can open it here: Motherlode

The motherlode is javascript box which contains all of the rss feeds that can be gotten from the tabs on this site, the table of contents for 22 ethics journals, for 22 bioethics journals, 14 political philosophy journals, 11 general philosophy journals. It also has 15 bioethics news sources, 36 ethics related blogs and 9 philosophy resources. I will be keeping the tabs on this site updated, but I think the best way is through the Motherlode. Although it is set to slider view you can customize it for example by using the three panel view. If you want a copy of the Motherlode on your own site just click the "add to your page" in the menu. I'd appreciate an acknowledgement on your site though.