Monday, July 09, 2007

Philos-L Email list RSS Feed

Philos-L is perhaps the most active philosophy email list. It is the place to subscribe to if you want to hear the latest that is happening in the job market (especially the UK) and with conferences etc. You can sign up to the Philos-L list here: Philos-L
However a fair number of people don't subscribe to it, both because of it's busyness and also because of the occasional 'discussions' that break out there. One way to deal with this is by setting the list to send you out a once daily digest which you can do here: Philos-L settings. Another way to work around this is explained below the fold.

The problem with the traditional digest mode is that you still have to sift through the stuff you don't want to get to read the stuff you do. I've been reading around recently about some people who are no longer reading their email, they are instead forwarding it to a website which converts it into an RSS feed. They can then select which items they want to read at a glance. A light bulb went on, why not do the same thing with the Philos-L list for those people who don't want to subscribe to the emails themselves? It took a fair bit of mucking about using Yahoo Pipes and a few other tools but I've finally managed it. So if you have a personalised home page or a feed reader as I discussed in A motherlode of your very own then you can now add the RSS feed of the Philos-L list to your reader if you want. You can get the feed here: Philos-L RSS feed
Of course I have already added it to the Motherlode.